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Angel Air Network Solutions Private Limited has ushered in a new era in communications for India. One of the most significant players in Internet Services, we provide a clear edge in services ranging from Internet bandwidth.
Angel Air Network is a Category “B” Internet Service Provider licensed by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Government of India.
We offer a myriad of services that you can choose from. We provide broadband Internet solutions.
Supported by superior technology all our services come with high speed, exceptional clarity and flawless connectivity.
We offer a simple and dependable technology that supports you at all times. Angel Broadband connection will ensure your are connected to the world seamlessly.

High-Speed Connectivity

With Angel Broadband, you can enjoy lightning-fast speeds that make online activities like streaming, gaming, and browsing incredibly smooth.

Affordable plans

You can enjoy top-notch fiber internet at an affordable price with a selection of plans to fit your specific usage needs and preferences.

Unlimited Data Usage

You can explore all of the online world without worrying about any data caps or limitations, with unrestricted data consumption.


Angel Broadband is an internet service provider in Punjab, INDIA. We provide customers with state of the art Internet connectivity options through Wi-Fi, FTTH (Fiber to the Home) or corporate leased lines. Built from the ground up using self-healing network design and cutting edge technology, our services offer the highest reliability and dependability for our customers. From online account management to 100% transparent billing and support you can be rest assured that you cannot go wrong with Angel Broadband.

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